A Notary Public is a public servant appointed by the state government to witness the signing of important documents and administer oaths.

It is a statement by a person who has witnessed the signing of the document and swears or affirms that the statement is true.

What is a win/loss statement?

A notary public will ask the signer for a document such as a driver’s license or government-issued identification card that includes a photograph, signature and some information describing the person. The state law requires you to identify yourself with a valid identification card that includes a photo and a signature.

What does a Notary Public notarize?

Notarize Document Signing

Does a notarization mean that the document is legal or true?

There can be rare exceptions of identifying a person who is 65 years of age or older. These exceptions can only be determined while the notary public is at the location to determine if he/she qualifies as an eligible exception. 

What is a Notary Public?

What is a jurat?

It is a statement used by individuals filing the long form on their income taxes to declare winnings and losses associated with gambling. 

It is not the notary public’s responsibility to check that the form is properly filled out, only to notarize the signing. 

Are there any exceptions?

A notary public may refuse to perform a notarization if he or she cannot be certain of a prospective signer’s identity, willingness, or understanding of what is happening at that moment. In addition, a notary may not notarize a document in which her or she has a financial interest. 

No, a notary public can only witness the signing of the documents, not assist or prepare any documents. To assist or prepare documents would be an unlawful practice of law. This keeps the notary’s position as impartial witness to the signing. 

Does the Notary Public review the document and advise if form is properly filled out? 

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​​​​​​​​​Notary Q & A

What is an attorney in fact?

A person who has been granted the authority to sign or act for another person

Can a notary public prepare or assist in the preparation of any documents?

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A Notary Public notarizes any document in which an originator needs to ensure the integrity of the signer. A notary public verifies the identity of the signer, and that they are signing knowingly and willingly. This process helps deter the fraudulent execution of documents.

Do I have to sign the document in front of the Notary Public?

No. Notaries are not responsible for the accuracy of the documents they notarize. The signers are responsible for the content of their documents

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Can I be refused a notarization?

How does a notary verify the identity of the signer?

Yes. The state statutes require that the notary public sees the signer actually sign the document when the notarial act is performed.